Background of HUD's Installation Program

Created on Wednesday, 23 February 2011 20:34

In 2005, HUD published the Model Manufactured Home Installation Sandards.  These standards serve as the basis for developing the manufacturers' installation instructions as required by 24 CFR Part 3285.  The Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards include methods for performing specific operations or assembly of a manufactured home that will not take the home out of compliance with the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.

States that choose to operate an installation program for manfactured homes in lieu of the federal program must implement installation  standards that provide protection to its residents that equals or exceeds the protection provided by these Model Installation Standards.

In states that do not choose to operate their own installtion program for manufactured homes, these Model Installation Standards serve as the minimum standards for manufactured home installations.  In 2008, HUD established regulations to ensure that states have in place minimum installation standards and an operating installation program.  For states where HUD will administer the manufactured Home Installtion Program, HUD will ensure that trainers of installers planning to work in HUD - administred states are registered with HUD, and that persons planning to install homes in HUD - administered states are licensed by HUD.  MHI's Educational Institute (MHEI) offers training to installers of manufactured homes. 

Taken From ~ Manufactured Housing Institute