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Who Takes Care of Installing A Manufactured Home?

Most states have laws that govern the installation of a new manufactured home.  Your retailer or the subcontractor installing the home is repsonsible for ensuring that the home is installed in accordance with the state regulations and the manufacturer's installation instructions or with an installation designed and approved by a licensed, registered engineer.  The proper method of installing the home will depend on the design of the home and the conditions of the location, such as climate and soil type.  Depending on the type of loan used to finance the home, the lender may have some specific requirements for the foundation and installation of the home as well.

Taken from ~ Manufactured Housing Institute.

Winterize a Mobile Home

Mobile home plumbing needs proper protection.  In order to keep the water flowing, you need to winterize your mobile home plumbing.  Start preparing and complete this work in the fall, so you will be ready before the first freeze.  Your water lines below the mobile home will need to be wrapped with heat tape.  If it is already installed be sure it is wrapped properly and free from insect or rodent damage.  Newer model homes have electric outlets installed beneath the structure to plug in the heat tape.  If it is not, you will need to run an insulated electric cord to the closest available outlet to run the heat tape.  Make sure you have skirting installed to help insulate.  Heat tape should not be overlapped and do not patch it. 

Taken from ~ How to Winterize Mobile Home Plumbing

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How to Increase the Value of a Mobile Home

1. Do cosmetic work to the entire property the manufactured home is located on.  These updates include: painting, clearing debris, deep cleaning, redecorating, changing  carpets, steam - washing, changing wallpaper and manicuring the lawn. 

2. Add Appliances to your mobile home.  The appliances that will increase the value of the property include: central air, a fireplace, new refrigerator, new oven, new dishwasher and new washer/dryer units. 

3. Add square footage to your manufactured home where you can. 

4.  Purchase or replace damaged, unsightly, or unfinished skirting or underpinning for the mobile home.  Continuous skirting will add a healthy look.  This is a worthy investment. 

Taken From ~ How to Increase the Value of a Mobile home

Create Spaciousness in Your Mobile Home

Window treatments for decorating your mobile home

- Shy away from heavy curtains or drapes for your windows.  They tend to be bulky and do not add to the spacious and open look you are striving for your home decorating design.

Tips for decorating your manufactured home

-Using reflective materials to make any room appear larger.

Home furnishings for your mobile home

- When choosing furniture for mobile home decorating, choose big pieces.  A large piece assembly will actually generate a feeling of spaciousness which is much better than several small pieces.  


Taken from ~ How to decorate a mobile home to create spaciousness.

How to Decorate A Mobile Home to Create Spaciousness

1. De - clutter before you begin your mobile home decorating.  The first step, before you can decorate your mobile home, is to de-clutter. Seriously go through your things and get rid of any unnecessary or unused clothing or other items,  If you have not used something for one year then put it in the discard pile.  De-cluttering itself will create more space and make your mobile home look bigger. 

2. Choose color in your decorating plan to create the look and feel of spaciousness.  Choosing the right color is important in mobile home decorating.  - To create the feel of a larger atmosphere use light, cool colors.  - Painting your walls in soft tones of blue or green will provide an open, airy feel.  - Since mobile homes have a much more condensed living area select paint colors within the same color family.- Keep this in mind when choosing fabric for curtain or upholstery and accessories you add to your decor. 

3.  Modular home room design should include a lot of light.  Rooms look larger when there is proper lighting.  - Make sure that each room you are decorating has plenty of light.  -  There are many options including overhead, hanging fixtures, track lighting, recessed lighting, floor lamps and tablelamps.  Small spaces will always require more light.  - Put some lights on a dimmer switch to create a special ambiance when you want cozier moments. 

Taken From ~ Ehow - How to decorate Mobile homes for spaciousness