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To be Eligible for Financing

To be eligibile for financing a manufactured home must:

*Meet the Model Mnufactured Home Installation Standards.

*Must carry a one - year manufacturer's warranty if the unit is new.

*Be installed on a homesite that meets established local standards for site suitability and has adequate water supply and sewage disposal facilities available.

The proceeds of a Title 1 manfactured home loan may not be used to finance furniture (for example, beds, chairs, sofas, lamps, rugs, etc.)  However, built in appliances and equipment and wall -to -wall carpeting are eligible for financing.


Taken from~ HUD Financing Manufactured (Mobile) Homes

To Finance a Manufactured Homes

Eligible Borrowers for Manufactured Homes Must:

*Have sufficient funds to make the minimum required downpayment.

*Be able to demonstrate that they have adequate income to make the loan payments on the loan and meet their other expenses.

 *Intend to occupy the manufacuted home as their principal residence.

*Have a suitable site on which to place the manufactured home.  The home may be placed on a rental site in a manufactured home park, provided the park and lease agreement meet FHA guidelines. The home may be situated on an individual homesite owned or leased by the borrower.

 Taken from ~ HUD Financing Manufactured (Mobile) Homes 

Locating a Mobile Home Dealer

Manufactured homes are usually purchased through dealers or retailers that sell the homes.  The names oflenders in your area which specialize in financing manufactured homes can be obtained from local retailers.  These retailers are listed in the yellow pages of your telephone directory.  They have the required application forms. 

Manufactured homes must comply with the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards, and all applicable state and local requirements governing the installation and construction of the manfuctured home foundation system.

 Taken from~ HUD Financing Manufactured (Mobile) Homes 

What Kind of Financing is Available for My Manufactured Home?

HUD's FHA program insures two types of mortgages.  Title II insures mortgages on qualifying manufactured homes sold with land and meeting other requirements.  FHA's Title I program can provide information to consumers interested in obtaining HUD - insured loans.  You may also want to contact lending institutions in your area (or the area where you want to purchase your home) for additional financing options. 

Taken from ~ HUD - Manufactured Housing Standards

HUD Certification Labels

Will HUD issue certification labels (HUD tags) if my home was built before 1976?  No.  The Department wil not issue tags for a manufacutred (mobile) home constructed prior to the enforcement of the Manufacutred Home Construction and Safety Standards, effective June 15, 1976.