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Buying a Pre-Owned Manufactured Home

Many features found in new manufactured homes can be found in pre-owned homes, usually at a substantial savings. Although most preowned homes are a good bargain, you can make a better buying decision if you know where to look, what to look for and what to be cautious about.  Check the neighborhood where you are planning to put the manufactured home.  

Searching for your preowned manufactured home is exciting, but can also be time consuming and frustrating. Knowing where look for the best deal can smooth out the search and help you make a good decision. Although there are many good ways to find and buy a preowned manufactured home, here is a suggestion:

  • Visit a retailer in your area who can sell you a home from their existing preowned inventory.
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Driving Force for Manufactured Homes

Technological advances, evolutionary designs, and a focus on delivering quality homes that families can afford are the driving forces within the manufactured housing industry.  That's why more people are turning to manfuactured housing to delvier homes that fit their needs and wants at prices they can afford!

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Advances in Manufactured Home Constuction

Greater flexibility in the construction process allows for each home to be customized to meet a buyer's lifestyle and needs.  Interior features now include such features as vaulted ceilings and working fireplaces to state of the art kitchens and baths, giving the homebuyer all the features found in traditional, site built homes.  Enhanced energy efficiency in manufactured homes, achieved with upgraded levels of insuation and more efficient heating and cooling systems, provide another source of savings for homeowners, especially in this era of rising energy costs.  Smart buyers are turning to Energy Star labeled manufactured homes for substantial savings in many aspects of owning and operating a home. 

Taken from ~ Quick Facts 2011 Manufactured Housing Institute

Today's Manufactured Homes

Today's manufactured homes have experienced a major evolution in the types and quality of homes being offered to buyers.  Technological advances are allowing manufactured home builders to offer a much wider variety of architectural styles and exterior finishes that will suit most any buyer's dreams, all the while allowing the home to blend in seamlessly into most any neighborhood.  Two story and single family attached homes are but two of the new styles being generated by factory built innovation.  As a result, today's manufactured homes are offering real housing options for the suburban and urban buyers. 

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Mobile Home Facts

Much like other assembly line operations, manufactured homes benefit from the economies of scale resulting from purchasing large quantities of materials, products and appliances.  Manufactured home builders are able to negotiate substantial savings on many components used in building a home, with these savings passed on directly to the homebuyer.


Taken from ~ Manufactured Housing Institute