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When you build a home from scratch, you know every aspect of the process will be done correctly. But when you purchase a manufactured home, you still receive quality control measures throughout the entire manufacturing process. Manufactured homes undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure they meet industry standards, from design approval to final inspection before delivery.

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Manufactured housing offers many conveniences over traditional methods of constructing a home. For starters, most models include plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, windows, doors, etc., making installation faster and more convenient. Plus, since these houses are built by factories instead of individual contractors, you can save yourself some hassle along the way.

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Living in a mobile home comes with a list of pros. Among the most vital ones is the affordability of a mobile home. The average cost of a manufactured home is substantially lower than a traditional site-built home. A report issued by the Millennial Housing Commission soon after the turn of the century cited manufactured housing as one of the "largest sources of non-subsidized housing in the nation." Today, manufactured housing is viewed as a vital part of the solution to the growing housing shortage fueled by high demand and high prices. 

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