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Manufactured homes provide quality housing and an opportunity for home-ownership. They often cost less than renting, and can offer more square footage and distance from neighbors than an apartment.  The cost per square foot for a new manufactured home can be up to 50 percent less than the cost of a comparable site-built home, excluding land costs.

Taken from~ Manufactured Housing Institute

When you are ready to buy a manufactured home, the more you have your financial situation in order, the better off you will be. Depending on the type of loan you are eligible for, it is important that you have money saved for the down payment and closing costs. Be sure you understand your credit score, which is a key factor that lending institutions use to determine the terms of your loan. 

Before you apply for credit, gather your bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns and other financial records. The more prepared you are, the faster you can get the process under way, and know the budget you are working with.

Taken from ~ Manufactured Housing Institute

If homeownership feels like it’s beyond your reach, don’t throw in the towel just yet on the American Dream. In the face of an ever-widening housing affordability gap, there are options you may not have considered. Manufactured homes (factory-built homes) are commonly available at lower monthly payments than what it costs to rent, providing an affordable path to homeownership for millions of Americans. Manufactured homes can be found anywhere in the country, in rural, suburban and urban communities.

Taken from~ Manufactured Housing Institute

Many people choose to move to a manufactured home in order to live more simply. This type of “less is more” attitude has been scientifically proven to improve the mental well-being and overall health of those who adhere to this lifestyle. According to U.S. News and World Report favoring “the environment over material consumption and income has been linked not only to improved environmental sustainability but also boosted mental and physical health.” The article reports that a survey out of the University of the Sciences in Pennsylvania discovered that those living simply reported “improved physical health after voluntarily making a change to earn less money.” So for those looking to embrace the simple living movement, purchasing a manufactured home is the perfect way to do so.

Also, since your manufactured home may be less spacious than your former traditional home, you won’t have to worry as much about the maintenance of the property. After all, a smaller home with a smaller land lot means less landscaping and house maintenance. That means you’ll have more time to enjoy life with family.

Taken from~ Benefits of Manufactured Homes