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Mobile Home Financing

Financing a Mobile Home can be a pleasant experience if you know the right steps to take.  A Pre-Owned Manufactured Home can be financed at banks, credit unions, or private brokers.  It is helpful to know your credit score.  It is good to educate yourself on mobile home loans and the possibility of a mobile home mortgage.  Manufactured home financing can be obtained for homes placed in mobile home parks or on private land.  These options should be discussed with a reputable Mobile Home dealer such as Advantage Homes, LLC.

Facts taken from ~ Mobile Home Guide

Manufactured Housing 2011

The demand for U.S. Manufactured homes will increase in 2011 despite projected declines in site built construction.  The Midwest will be the fastest growing market in mobile homes.  The study analyzed historical demand data & forecasts for 2011 by housing type. (manufactured, modular, panelized, etc. ) It also analyzed the market by region of the U.S.  This is all positive news for a manufactured home buyer.

~Taken from Freedonia Group Analysis

Interesting Facts about Mobile Home Owners

The following are a few facts about Manufactured Home Owners:

64% of owners of mobile homes that responded to the survey work full or part time and 19% are retired.

91% of manufactured home households own a home personal computer.

67% of mobile home owners use the internet for purchasing items.

Almost 50% have their homes on private property. 

This is just a small sample of information taken from a report collected by Foremost Insurance Group.

Questions to Answer When Buying a Manufactured Home

Considerations Check List:

How do you want your manufactured home to look?

What size mobile home and floorplan do you want or need?

What appliances come with the manufactured home?

What financing options does the retailer offer for mobile homes?

This is a sample of questions taken from the Manufactured Housing Institute

Why Would You Want to Buy a Manufactured Home??

Less Expensive!!!  There are many factors involved in the price of manufactutred homes.  There are features, floorplans, size and details that prohibit a simple answer.  All parts of construction of manufactured homes are controlled.  There aren't any weather delays in the building process of mobile homes.  This also helps with inventory control.  All construction materials including interior features and appliances are bought in bulk.  Manufactured homes are continually inspected by several inspectors during construction.